About Us

Our Philosophy

We are the leading distributor of quality break open geodes, and semi-precious stones from various parts of Central and South America. We sell many different types of minerals and lots of gemstones. Our product line includes the following:

Geodes, Cabochons, Beads, Spheres, Pyramids, Gem Stone Jewelry,
Bookends, Arrowheads, Mineral Specimens, Rough Lapidary Materials, Fire Agate and Jewelry.

We have been supplying the world with Mexican Geodes, Jaspers, Agates, Calcites, Cabochons, Minerals, and other Rough Lapidary Materilas since 1991.

You Were Born Beautiful

Himalayan Mineraux is a family and friend business that was started in 1991 for the love of nature and the addictive pursuit of its hidden treasures and obvious beauty. Africa is a beautiful continent and any excuse to explore in remote and new areas is a good one too! Firstly, we are Conservationists and Naturalists, and secondly, we are Rock Dealers with a huge variety of stones that you will not easily find elsewhere.

The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.

Francis Bacon

Natural Beauty

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Customer Service

We strive to offer excellent customer service as well as great product value. Value means the best quality at the lowest possible price.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

John Ray

We’re Here For You

We guarantee all of our products to be of the specified quality. Specifically the hollow geodes are 95% hollow, guaranteed!

Crystals and minerals offered by Himalayan Mineraux are not certified as 100% naturally occurring. Some materials could be color enhanced or treated in another way. Please call to inquire about specific materials.